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Accommodation at the sea - holiday vacations by the sand dunes of Curonia

"The Curonian Spit is so unique that you should see it the same way as Italy or Spain if you want to give your soul fantastic views". (V. Humboldt) Our remembrances take us back like a light breeze ... read more >>>

Accommodation without intermediary

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Apartment for rent in Juodkrante 04490 Curonia seasons Cottage for rent in Nida 01210
Apartment for rent in Pervalka 03060 Villa for rent in Preila Kursmariu villa
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  There you will find peace and rest in the pine-tree groves, with the sand under your feet and water all around.  

Vacation rental from owner in Curonian spit and elsewhere beside the seaside of Baltic coast

Our remembrances take us back like a light breeze: hot touches of the sun rays on the beech and the dizzy smell of the pine grove, boundless air-space of dunes, crystal clear sky blue, fantastic unpredictable and constantly exchanging surface of the sea, the expanse of the lagoon quivering in the distant horizon, swift sunrises and warm joyous existence, calm velvet sunsets... The beauty of rainy days in its own way, presents us the time to spend on hour with museums, to sit in a cozy circle of the family, friends or acquaintances in the houses you have chosen for your holidays or to dine at the café or restaurant...

The magic powers of the Curonia attract us to come back here again and again. Let’s arrange in advance: here-the information about the accommodation service on the Neringa resorts in Curonian Spit - (Nida, Preila, Pervalka and Juodkrante) - detailed descriptions of flats, apartments, cottages, vilas and the photographs of rooms, also price sand the calendars of activity.

While waiting for the rest time, it's good to take care of your body using useful treatment procedures, to strengthen your health in order to return new refreshed to enjoy the pleasure of the active rest such as sailing yachts, canoes, kurenai boats or just ride along the special paths for bicycles. Exceptional beauty of nature will follow us everywhere, impressing with the most stunning sights. Let’s admire with the fixed instants on the photographs and magnificent panoramas with the unique works of artists.

Let’s share the experience of our thoughts, the word of poetry also with the colorful strokes on canvas and photographs.

Updated 2014-06-13

Those wide open spaces charm and fill your soul with the quietness, kindness and the delight of the peaceful presence... If living in the noisy cities you can’t find solutions and live full of care, so here in the Spit everything finds their own places... (bite)



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